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"Schneerosental Plus" Double Rooms

Bigger and Brighter

Double Rooms Schneerosental PLUS


A dreamy holiday getaway.

Thanks to their size and spaciousness, Schneerosental rooms offer plenty of space and comfort, with beautiful three-seater sofas, virgin wool rugs, natural materials and wall heating, which combine to create an exceptional atmosphere.

Of special note are their high ceilings, with wooden pillars, and the natural surroundings visible through the windows. The bathrooms are equipped with large walk-in showers and feature natural marble surfaces. Guests also enjoy the highest quality standards throughout the room, with a balcony, flat-screen TV, and Internet connection.

One of our Schneerosental Plus double rooms takes these standards to another level, with its bright afternoon sun, larch floors, and a visually separate bedroom area. It is designed to enjoy snowy winter evenings in a cosy atmosphere, or spend mild summer evenings on the balcony, gazing at the gorgeous views of our mountainous world.

Which one will win you over?

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"Schneerosental" Double Room

Light and Soaring Ceilings

These comfortable rooms offer space for couples.

Their virgin wool carpets warm the feet, while their customised Tyrolese oak make for a pleasant atmosphere. High ceilings immediately draw one's gaze upwards, and their natural marble floors, along with spacious cubicle showers in the bathrooms, make for one dazzling room. Guests also enjoy the highest quality standards throughout the room, with a balcony, flat-screen TV, and Internet connection.

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"Zirbenholz" Double Room

The Scent of Pine Fills the Air

Two of our rooms are fully equipped with furniture of Tyrolean pine, handmade with loving care by a local carpenter.

The pine, also known as Austrian Stone Pine, or the "Queen of the Woods", is typical of the region. It grows to great heights, ever so slowly, in this way developing its characteristic scent.

The regenerative effects of pine on the pulse and circulation, in addition to its facilitation of healthy and relaxing sleep, has been scientifically researched.

Surrounded by the pleasant smell of essential oils, you will enjoy high ceilings and decorative wooden pillars. Virgin wool carpets ensure comfort, while the large walk-in shower and natural marble floors provide the sensation of wellbeing you desire.

A balcony, flat-screen TV and Internet connection are included in our standard offer.

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Schlossblick Double Room

"Guat" (good in Tyrolean)

Doppelzimmer Schlossblick


Our classic. Cosy or rustic, with a wing chair, or especially spacious, with an additional sofa bed. There is something for every taste. This room also includes a balcony, flat-screen TV and Internet connection.

* In these rooms we also warmly welcome your four-legged companions!

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